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Batteries for Stationary/Standby, Motive Power, Starting and Deep Cycle Applications

Our flooded lead-acid batteries (wet cells) provide an extremely high power density per any given footprint. We produce a standard 2V single cell jar that allows for individual cell replacement and we also have 6 and 12 volt monoblocks designed especially for those applications that require the longevity and performance of flooded technology but need the absolute smallest footprint.



Intertech has been selling tubular lead-selenium vented batteries for nearly 20 years. Intertech was the first company to actively introduce this technology to the Middle East market.

The combination of the tubular positive plates and the lead selenium/ low antimony alloy provides the best possible combination in lead acid plate technology.

The battery world favors tubular positive plates for flooded, gel and AGM applications. OEM batteries are manufactured in accordance with OPzS DIN 40736 standards from various well reputed brands.

OEM batteries are manufactured in accordance with OPzS DIN40736 standards from various well reputed brands.

Lead Selenium/Low Antimony

By utilizing a small amount of selenium in the grid alloy, a dense fine grain structure is produced. This alloy is extremely corrosion-resistant and virtually eliminates inter-granular corrosion which is one of the most common causes of cell failure. A lead selenium cell combines the advantages of both lead calcium and lead antimony cells while exhibiting none of the disadvantages.

Tubular Positive Plate Advantages

Due to the increased positive plate surface area, tubular plates have more electrical capacity than flat plates of comparable size and weight.

With positive plate shedding eliminated, tubular batteries also provide up to a 30% longer service life compared to flat plate batteries.

Perhaps most importantly to stationary applications, the tubular positive grid does not require horizontal bars, which virtually eliminates positive plate growth and therefore post seal leaks and jar cracking. As a result, in applications that require a long service life, tubular plate batteries provide the best and most reliable power.

2V OPzS flooded lead selenium battery OPzS DIN40736


  • 20 year design life @ 77° F
  • Watering intervals: 1–3 years
  • Leak-proof post seal
    • 1200+ cycles @ 80% DOD
    • 2000+ cycles @ 60% DOD
  • 100%+ capacity upon delivery
  • No positive plate growth damage
  • Tank formed plates
  • Safe: zero voltage exposed to personnel
  • Flip-top, easy-fill, flame arrestor vent caps
  • Withstands high temperature applications better than lead-calcium batteries
  • Typically in stock and ready to ship!

STT Kit Includes

insulated flexible intercell connectors OPzS DIN40736
Insulated flexible intercell
connectors standard (top).
  • Intercell-connector cables
  • Jumper cable(s)
  • Flip-top flame arrestor vent caps
  • No-oxide grease
  • Cell numbers
  • Brass wire brush
  • Utility funnel
  • Installation & Operation Manual