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Who are we?

COINDUS GROUP established in the year of 2002 in India followed by being registered in the  UAE as well as CONSOLIDTAED INDUSTRIES LLC, based in Shams, FZC. INTERTECH LLC branched out as a separate division and specializes in energy Storage and  Power solutions. INTERTECH LLC with its presence being in Dubai, United Arab Emirates aims to reach globally all power related needs of the market. INTERTECH LLC in Dubai represents the Global Sourcing Practice that has been developed to  address the needs of global businesses looking at sourcing mixed products from EUROPE & FAR  EAST. INTERTECH LLC is also a services & training provider. We believe in not just providing solutions but being a part of the solution. This is not possible without the partnership approach we work with all our clients. We have a dedicated team of professional consultants and industry expert offering top of the line products/services to diverse  corporates of all sizes with varied needs.

What do we offer?

We believe in providing the right power solutions to the right application at the most competitive offer. This has fully become our corporate philosophy and we are proud to say we have globally satisfied customers from every level. In short, we undertake the responsibility to provide; “The right solution for the right application” . Our team of trained, competent and professional personnel lends great support in our endeavors to give our clients prompt and reliable solutions. We work in synergy with clients to understand the requirement and procure the best solution/service for the application. The team is built with industry experts and can find custom solutions however complex the requirement.

Our Guarantee

We Assure the Best possible Quality and Service in the market for the  solutions we provide. We have special bulk pricing agreement in place for products, services and training to cater to a combined offering of one stop shop for all your power solutions needs. We are constantly innovating to add to our portfolio the latest trends and needs of the customer. We are the best in the industry as validated by our various clients. View our reference list for more referrals.

Latest Vendor Vetting Process

Supply process (VVP) are conducted in three major manners:
a) Direct Vendor Sourcing , b) Equivalent Sourcing , c) OEM Sourcing.

Solutions selected by the Intertech are analyzed and guaranteed to consider the following for best results.

Custom/Application Fit , Quality , Budget , Experience , Delivery/Execution, Testing and Certification , After Sales / Service support &Training, Warranty and Terms & Conditions.

Customer Satisfaction

While speed, dependability, reliability and efficiency are our priority, customer satisfaction is the goal. Our unique working methodology and untiring efforts enables us to shortlist appropriate solutions. We utilize our in-depth market knowledge and comprehensive research techniques to meet the unique requirements of every client.

Company Purpose and Quality Policy

The purpose of our business is to provide the best power solution available in this dynamic Industry. We do this by consulting clients to fill in their power requirements and creating the most economical solution

Industries we specialize in

  • Power Generation Oil and GAS Transportation.
  • Marine.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Water and utilities district cooling.
  • Telecom IT infrastructure.
  • Light Industrial Renewables.
  • New energy, Hybrid, Custom/Bespoke.