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Intertech LLC. is a part of COINDUS Group. We started off as a solution and service provider for Power Solutions Products in Stationary Back-up applications. We look in to all sort of power storage, From flooded battery cells to sealed VRLA strings, from Ni-Cd Batteries to Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery packs. We developed a reputation for delivering superior solutions, performance, expertise and dedication to customer service.

At Intertech, we offer a wide variety of DC products and services for stationary and customized renewable power requirements that can enhance and maximize the performance for your specific application.

Industrial Battery

Batteries and Chargers for all industrial application – Intertech has special agreement with top manufacturing like EXIDE, Enersys, FIAMM, North Star, EverExceed, SAFT, ALCAD, HBL, XERO, Sacred Sun, C&D, Hoppecke We offer multiple technologies including flooded flat plate, tubular, valve regulated lead-acid, NICD and lithium-ion. Our batteries are manufactured for all applications and charging technologies including opportunity and fast charging. For charging technology we provide SCR and High-Frequency chargers that are designed specifically for your application. At Intertech we have a solution to fit your every requirement.

Industrial and Starting Batteries – Intertech offer a full line of industrial and starting batteries as well from various Asian OEM (automotive, golf cart, scrubbers, generator starting batteries, etc.)

Battery Testing Equipment

Intertech has in stock and ready to ship battery test equipment including digital hydrometers, internal resistance/voltage testers, load banks, hydrogen detectors and battery maintenance supplies. Our unique test equipment offering provides our customers with the latest technology for battery testing with the simplicity of use. In addition to our test equipment products we also fully service, repair and calibrate our equipment in-house.

Specialty Battery Packs

Intertech designs and assembles in-house custom battery packs for many applications.

How do we do it?

At Intertech, we have highly trained staff to help you customize the right products for your specific application. As technology evolves so does Intertech. While manufacturing and customizing unique solutions to fit your needs, we also work with world-class manufacturers who supply high-quality components that Intertech assembles in our state of the art manufacturing/assembly operation. We have OEM rates with most of the TOP Brand globally and believe that we enhance our customers experience by providing an unbiased consultation.